When speaking of on-again-off-again on-screen romances, there is one couple everyone likes to allude to, and that is Ross and Rachel from "Friends". Amidst the drama of their tumultuous relationship, another couple gets sidelined.

The relationship between Monica and Chandler was depicted beautifully by Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry, who — judging by the number of cameos they have in each other's TV shows — are still great friends. Starting off as best friends, Monica and Chandler got married and even had a couple of babies together, and if hashtags existed during "Friends" tenure, their photos would have been circulated with "#RelationshipGoals".

Much like every "shipped" couple from TV shows, fans hoped the actors would get together in real life, too. However, that hadn't happened — until now. Courtney Cox was married to David Arquette when she was on "Friends", and following her divorce from him, she dated Irish musician Johnny McDaid.

Johnny and Courtney even got engaged, but they called off the wedding just ahead of Thanksgiving 2015. Hours after the reports about their split went public, she was spotted outside without her sparkling rock, confirming the rumours.

It is only natural that Courtney contacted her close friend and former co-star Mathew Perry after the break-up. Although that sounds harmless, there is a paparazzi photo of the two of them, topped with a dreamy fan's caption that started the rumour that real-life Monica and Chandler are dating.

Although there is no real base for this rumour, we have to agree that Emma has a point about the caring way Mathew Perry is looking at Courtney Cox. WHile we keep hoping that the rumours are true, here is a video to prove just how much chemistry the actors share on screen.