The entire world is under lockdown because of coronavirus and people including celebrities have been put under quarantine. Some people are working from home, others are taking a break from work, but when you are a Hollywood entertainer, there is little scope for a sabbatical. Here's what some of the leading names in the world of entertainment and social media are up to during the quarantine:

Friends star Courtney Cox aka Monica Geller posted a TikTok video on her Instagram account. The actress can be seen dancing in the video in what seems like her living room. He captioned the post with hashtags, #bored #quarentine

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian West shared a throwback picture of herself with a caption, "Bored and organizing lots of pics in my computer. Get ready for some good throwbacks. This seems about 2009." Looks like Kim is taking the quarantine time to reminisce through old memories.

Singer and actress, Miley Cyrus also indulged in some nostalgia and shared a series of funny videos and posts from her famous show, Hannah Montana. Keeping humour aside, the singer also shared an insightful and important message with her followers asking them to be 'thoughtful', 'respectful', 'compassionate', and 'human'.

'This is a great time to practice restraint'

She further wrote, "Be while preparing for social distancing... NO ONE needs every soup in the store, The more we hoard the more expensive and sparse necessities will become, leaving many without essentials.

This is a great time to practice restraint... it's incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while panicking but think twice before following the fear and being inconsiderate. There is enough to go around if we take care of one another. This is a beautiful time to LEAD!

Justin Bieber too shared a few posts on his Instagram account, urging people to 'stay home as much as you (they) can'. The singer also said, "If you care about your parents or your grandparents or any friend who could be compromised please stay in and be safe."

Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Hillary Duff are some other leading Hollywood names who have shared their concerns on their social media accounts over the growing coronavirus scare.