Actress and producer Pooja Gandhi has won her case, with the court now giving a clean chit on her upcoming film "Abhinetri." The court had earlier issued a stay order for the film owing to a copyright issue.

Novelist Bhagya Lakshmi had approached the court alleging that the film is based on her novel "Abhinetriya Antaranaga," which was written for a weekly Kannada Magazine 'Mangala' in 2003.

Gandhi later sought approval from the court to complete the shooting and release her film. The High Court had ordered the team to submit film's unedited version to the court.

High Court Gives Green Signal to Pooja Gandhi's 'Abhinetri'

Poster of "Abhinetri"Official Facebbok page of "Abhinetri"

The verdict turned out to be positive when the film makers claimed that the film is based on yesteryear actress Kalpana's life and not based on the book. However, the latest claims by the actress are contradictory to her previous announcements, as she had earlier denied that the film is not inspired by anyone's life.

Talking about Kalpana, she was one of the most celebrated actresses of her times, but had a tragic end. She was popularly known as 'Minugu Thaare,' a shining star in the industry and was known for her commercially successful films in 1960's and 1970's.

The yesteryear actress was well acclaimed for her roles in movies like "Belli Moda" (1967), "Kappu Bilupu" (1969), "Gejje Pooje" (1969), "Sharapanjara" (1971), "Eradu Kansu" (1974), "Bayalu Daari" (1977), "Gandhada Gudi" (1973) and "Bangaru Hoovu" (1967).

Apart from acting, she was also considered as a fashion icon of her time. Her elegance and sophisticated dressing style made her the ultimate star of those days.

Kalpana's status as a leading heroine had diminished towards her end and was a forgotten star of the industry.

Kalpana's personal life always remained mysterious to the outside world. Within the industry, she was also known for her volatile temper, strong likes and dislikes.

She was romantically linked with her mentor Kanagal, but they later went apart. She was then married to Gudigeri Basavaraj, the owner of a drama company for which she was working for.

Stories were that the couple had a huge fight one night, which went to the extent of physical abuse and the actress committed suicide the next day. Apparently, she had swallowed sleeping pills and a diamond from her ring.

After all the rumours and legal battles, the makers of "Abhinetri" are now heading to the post production stage of the film. The Sathish Prathan directorial has Srinagar Kitty, Atul Kulkarni, P Ravi Shankar, Makarand Deshpande and Neethu in the lead roles. The film's music is composed by Mano Murthy and the lyrics are penned by Jayant Kaikini and V Nagendra Prasad.