Actor Nithin's "Courier Boy Kalyan" (CBK), which was delayed for more than a year, has finally released in theatres across the globe today and garnered positive reviews from the audience.

"Courier Boy Kalyan" is a romantic action film and Prabhu Deva's former assistant Premsai is making his debut as an independent director with this movie. The story is about a courier boy, who is chased by a cop throughout the city for an envelope. The mystery surrounding the envelope forms the crux of the movie.

"Courier Boy Kalyan" has a fresh and interesting story, which has not been explored in Tollywood before. The movie is an unofficial remake of 2012 Hollywood movie "Premium Rush". Besides direction, Premsai has also penned the script and dialogues for the film. He has made the film look different from the original by making several changes in the script and give it a local touch.

The film is produced by Gautham Menon under the banner Photon Kathaas and Gurufilms. Karthik, Anup Rubens, Sandeep Chowta have composed music for soundtracks and background score, while Satya Ponmar handled cinematography for the film. Nitin and Yami Gautam have played the lead roles in this 1.45-hour movie, which has received a U/A certificate from the Censor Board.

The viewers, who have watched "Courier Boy Kalyan", are impressed with the film. They say that Premsai's engaging script, Nithin's performance and Yami Gautam's glamour are the main attractions of the film. Brilliant production values and brilliant music, amazing picturisation and superb choreography of stunts are the major highlights in the technical front.

We bring to you the viewers' verdict on the movie posted on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Courier Boy Kalyan" movie review by audience.

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111

Loved #CourierBoyKalyan A Well made n well directed film..Keeps you engrossed..Thumbs up :) @actor_nithiin @directorpremsai @menongautham This is @actor_nithiin career best work...No one can compete wid u in romantic scenes bro :) Awesome job done... #CourierBoyKalyan The best part of #CourierBoyKalyan is its novel theme...Very intelligently written n decently packaged (continued) Downside,the climax should have been better..It's abrupt which resulted in an incomplete feel.But d 2nd half scores big #CourierBoyKalyan If films like these do well,we can expect many more different subjects in the near future..I wish it does well #CourierBoyKalyan Hats off to @actor_nithiin for trying out something different by accepting a film like this..Another feather to his cap #CourierBoyKalyan

Pαωαη's Kαℓүαη ‏@Kalyanyourstar

Story scenes turns interesting.. In between @actor_nithiin yaami lovely fun entertainment .. Good First half #CourierBoyKalyan #CBK Fantastic.. #CourierBoyKalyan.. premsai super direction, screen play. bgm and @actor_nithiin nailed it with energy, entertainment.. #CBK

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#CourierBoyKalyan : Flimsy story line told in simple manner. Nothing exciting. Plain and simple..with too many songs..

Roshan ‏@RoshanPalla

#CourierBoyKalyan content wise good another hit for @actor_nithiin last 30mins were terrific Congo bro

Kalyan Nani ‏@kalyan14c

Jst Now Watched #Courierboykalyan 1st Half avg, 2Half gud overall Avg Movie my Rating For This Movie 5/2.5

Akhil last schdl ‏@Akhilcoming

1st half just completed and its super #CourierBoyKalyan @actor_nithiin super action...perfect to the role @AkhilAkkineni8 hope its superhit #CourierBoyKalyan is simply super a new attempt..atlest @actor_nithiin ni chusi ayna #ramcharan #pawankalyan maratharani asisthuna congrats

Sankar Tanguturi ‏@stanguturi

A tight script like #CourierBoyKalyan doesn't require a star like @actor_nithiin . Even I would have been enough. :) I don't know whether #CourierBoyKalyan is a movie or a documentary or just one half of #Srimanthudu #thinwafer Hats off to @actor_nithiin for making a film like #CourierBoyKalyan which isn't a routine 6songs / 6fights but an event driven like @nodejs

Hemanth Kumar CR ‏@crhemanth

#CourierBoyKalyan is desi 'Premium Rush'...good story...wobbles a bit with its narration... But works quite well when it sticks to the story #Courierboykalyan is 1 hour 45 mins long on the whole...really wish they dropped couple of songs from the film..hampers the flow in 1st half

Fukkard ‏@Fukkard

#CourierBoyKalyan First Half chala chala chala chalaaa bagoledu ... Going To Be a Bisket ?!

@ nanna ku prema tho ‏@RakulpreetFyan

Intresting 1st half #courierboykalyan . Baane undi

NaKuL (NoDDy) ‏@NakulnC789

It's Interval & #CourierBoyKalyan Pre-Interval Scenes Built Up The Story & Intensity Romantic Track Was Okay Okay One Song Could Have Been Edited Out From The First Half What's Good About #CourierBoyKalyan Story @actor_nithiin Performance Runtime Of Under 2 Hours Music What's Bad About #CourierBoyKalyan Extra Song In The First Half #YamiGautam's #FairAndLovely Expressions #CourierBoyKalyan Is A Movie Which Appeals To Both The Masses & Classes Hopefully It Have A Great Run On Box Office @actor_nithiin The Climax Of #CourierBoyKalyan Was Gud But It Could Have Been Great If Director Was Not In A Hurry

Rahul Reddy N ‏@itsmerahulreddy

#CourierBoyKalyan BoRiNg FiRsT hALf WiTh GuD iNtErVaL bAnG, CoNtEnT LoOkS iNtErEsTiNg bUt OuTpUt LoOks DiSgUsTiNg @actor_nithiin..AvErAgE

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Good first half. #CourierBoyKalyan Overall #CourierBoyKalyan is an Ok watch film..Different and Simple..Decent Job by @actor_nithiin. Liked the 2nd half.. !!

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Interval mundhu 10 mins bagundi #CourierBoyKalyan #CourierBoyKalyan 2nd half run time 45 mins anedhi Biggest +ve of the film

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

The songs are a big obstacle in #CourierBoyKalyan, coming in just anywhere & anytime. #CourierBoyKalyan - fails to deliver the goods.

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

Interval Bang is good. #CourierBoyKalyan Barring songs nd love track in 1st half, #CourierBoyKalyan is crisp,well narrated nd easily a 1 tym watch.Nice performance by @actor_nithiin

Bza Vamsee ★ ‏@EjjadaVamsee

Below Avg 1st Half with Good Interval bang ... #CourierBoyKalyan

Sai #ORANGEARMY ‏@wow_saiucantsee

#CourierBoyKalyan its a very different film and its better than bbm. Well done @actor_nithiin

'Riddler' Rehman ‏@rehmantweetz

#CourierBoyKalyan 1st half done..boring n too slow..but interval bang makes it interesting.. #FingersCrossed #CourierBoyKalyan picks up too late and ends up as a below average entertainer. My Rat 2.5/5

B R U C E L E E ‏@hemanth_Kajal

#CourierBoyKalyan 1st half just ok waiting to see thrilling part in 2ndhalf #CourierBoyKalyan delivery oves 2nd half is very nyc Songs are super over all movie is good

VîKâS vÎcKÿ ‏@Vikas6Reddy

#CourierBoyKalyan awesme Mve 2nd half

Naveen ‏@Naveen5665

Good Second Half..Overall OK Watch #CourierBoyKalyan