Therapy remains at the heart of VH1's reality show, and help is what Adrian Torres and Carmen Carrera need. In the upcoming episode of "Couples Therapy with Dr Jenn", the celebrity therapist poses a challenge for all the couples.

In the promo for Season 6 Wpisode 7, Dr Jenn asks: "Who has the power in your relationship? In other words, who wears the pants in your relationship?"

In order to establish their relationship dynamic, the couples on the show head to the kitchen, where one of them cooks and the other gives verbal support and assurance.

Surprisingly, former "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" cast member Joe Budden and his girlfriend Kaylin Garcia work as a team. It was only a few episodes ago that Kaylin and Joe tried to overcome some turbulent times in their relationship and move on from Joe's infidelity, which almost tore them apart.

However, the promo for Episode 7 also reveals which couples struggle to function together. This becomes quite evident between Janice Dickinson and her fiancé Rocky, and Adrian Torres and his wife Carmen Carrera.

In the video, Adrian puts his foot down and says: "Right now, you are not going to speak." This indeed is a different side to Adrian, who usually listens to his wife, who comes across as bossy and more dominating in their relationship. However, it remains to be seen how well Carmen responds to Adrian's statement.

Meanwhile, another sneak peek video hints at a major breakthrough in Big Ang and Neil's marriage. In the clip, Big Ang reveals to Dr Jenn she feels respected and supported in her marriage, which, according to her, is a huge change from how her past relationships used to be.

"Couples Therapy with Dr Jenn" Season 6 Episode 7 airs on Wednesday, 11 November, at 10 pm on VH1. You can live stream the episode via VH1 website.

Watch the promo here: