A man and his second wife in Uttar Pradesh killed a seven-month-old baby and buried her in the fields.

Sanjay, a motor mechanic, and his second wife, Meena, were arrested on Wednesday evening on charges of murder after the body was exhumed and post-mortem examination was done which found antemortem head injury and fracture on the left hand.

The decision to exhume the body was taken by ADCP, South, Rajesh Srivastava on the FIR of the girl's mother Pramila, who claimed that Sanjay, her former husband, had killed the baby at the behest of Meena.


Pramila and Sanjay were married nine years ago and have two daughters. The couple separated a few months ago and Pramila came to her maternal house in Kakori with two daughters.

Recently, Sanjay got married to Meena but on July 21, he came to Pramila's home and took away both the daughters.

Four days later, Pramila came to meet her daughters and found the younger one missing. She confronted Sanjay, but he did not respond.

Pramila inquired with neighbours who told her that they had seen Sanjay in fields during a day before.

She then approached police which detained Sanjay and Meena.

Sanjay confessed to his crime.