Trolling has become a persistent issue for many in the public eye. Actors have spoken up against it and ignored it to some extent. Now, Dangal girl Zaira Wasim addressed trolling on social media. She called out trolls for not taking into account the adverse impact they could have on someone's life.

Despite announcing her exit from acting as a profession, Zaira Wasim has constantly been in the media for her opinions and her comments on social media. Often the centre of a moral debate due to her personal choices, Wasim is once again in the news for her opinion on trolling.

Zaira Wasim

Zaira Wasim calls out trolls

Bollywood actors have constantly been subjected to heavy trolling on social media. Sometimes because they make mistakes, sometimes unprovoked and sometimes just because they're easy targets. All those who enter the industry, for however brief a period become automatic members of the troll club, and open targets. 

Zaira Wasim has particularly been a victim of heavy trolling, for her religion, her personal choices and life decisions, which shouldn't be anybody else's prerogative for that matter. When the young actress quit Bollywood citing that it didn't help her devotion, trolls had a field day. Often questioning her choices as being a setback for feminism or her religiosity, Wasim has seen more trolling at her age than most have experienced in a lifetime. 

The actress opened up with courage on the matter on Instagram, sharing her words and asking people to consider the consequences of their actions, "Imagine somebody out there believes he's a loser just because of you, because of a joke, a meme, a comment you made just to look cool or funny in front of your followers, but not everyone's born with thick skin, not everyone can withstand harsh criticism."

She further said, "Don't be a reason for someone's misery or sorrow. Don't let the belief of superiority of the knowledge or the facts you've gathered be stamped all over your existence. Instead, put your knowledge and insight at the service of others and help each other grow."

All we can really say is- word.