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Six-year-old Bill Lawrence sitcom "Cougar Town" is coming to an end with "Mary Jane's Last Dance" on 31 March.

Although the former abc series was plagued with consistent low rating, the show leaves with most of its honour intact. Many fans are still in love with the show that gave them "penny-can" and many quirky words and phrases that only exist in Jules' personal encyclopedia. Season 6 episode 13 "Mary Jane's Last Dance" of "Cougar Town" will be aired at 10.30 pm (EST) on Tuesday 31 March on tbs.

Over the six seasons, although relationships and personal dynamics have changed, none of the members of the Cul-de-sac crew have undergone any drastic changes. Jules (Courtney Cox), for example is the same ditzy, over-involved friend and over-caring mother she has always been; except that she is now married to the hot neighbour Grayson (Josh Hopkins).

Grayson on the other hand, has shown some growth, in that he is not as narrow-minded about accommodating people as he used be. Although he has fathered a child, she is almost never mentioned. Grayson and Jules' story line is always the same – Jules is interfering in other peoples' business like she always does and Grayson ends up fixing it.

Jules' son Travis (Dan Byrd) is all grown up and now has a child with his childhood crush. Although Jules' unhealthy attachment towards her son provides many laughs, as of the final season Trav is seen running a sort-of successful business and even develops a mature and friendly relationship with step-father Grayson and his mother's best friend Ellie (Christa Miller).

Ellie is another "Cougar Town" character that had so much potential, but was not developed to be anything more that Jules' snarky, sarcastic best friend, who constantly makes fun of Laurie (Busy Phillips) aka Jelly Beans, Grayson aka Dime Eyes, and mostly the creepy neighbour Tom (Bob Clendenin). Even her husband Andy (Ian Gomez) is not safe from her powerful tongue. In fact Ellie is only outwardly caring towards Jules, with whom she hopes to run away some day. As delightful as it is to see the few times Ellie and Andy share loving moments, Andy and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) is what most fans looked forward to watch.

One delightfully consistent aspect of the show was the unadulterated love the two adults have for each other. Even after Bobby left for another city, the gang kept mentioning him, while an episode was solely about how Andy missed his best buddy.

Moreover, to be fair the show runners, Laurie and Trav's relationship, has been developed beautifully over the years. While Trav was a mama's boy ready to propose the girl he likes at the drop of a hat, he is now in a healthy live-in relationship with his long-time crush Laurie and their baby Bobby. His dad Bobby too has grown up to become a responsible adult with a job, albeit a little too late in life.

Before judging the show too harshly, another thing to keep in mind is that after two brilliant seasons on abc, where it used to be initially aired, "Cougar Town" got cancelled. Now, four years later, at their new home in tbs, the show has not been churning up the kind of brilliant writing that was expected of the show, based on the initial seasons.

Watch out for the season finale of "Cougar Town" titled "Mary Jane's Last Dance" at 10.30 pm (EST) on 31 March, Tuesday in tbs.