Cosby Jokingly Warns Woman Not to Drink Around Him
Bill Cosby unscathed as charges of child molestation in 1974 are called off.Reuters

During a show in Canada on Thursday night, comedian Bill Cosby jokingly asked a woman in the audience to be careful while drinking around him.

This was Cosby's second performance in a row after a number of cancellations post sexual assault allegations levelled against him by more than 15 women. Cosby's joke was witty considering some of the accusers had alleged that 'The Cosby Show' star slipped some drug in their drinks before assaulting them.

Just when a woman got up from the front rows and walked past the stage, the actor asked her where she was headed. She responded saying that she was going to the lobby to get a drink for herself. Hearing this, Cosby – reminding the audience of the allegations against him – said: "You have to be careful about drinking around me." This witty as well as well-spirited comment was followed by loud applause. It appears like his fans are again turning towards him, not clear if it is because they are taking pity on him or actually missing his creative side.

A while later, a man shouted at Cosby saying that he was a rapist. The comedian paused and stood up, while the crowd began booing the man. Cosby said: "No, no, stop." But, the man was soon removed from the theatre by the police. The audience yelled: "We love you" to Cosby.

The disruption at the show was first of its kind since the allegation came to fore.

"Dear Fans: One outburst but over 2,600 loyal, patient and courageous fans enjoyed the most wonderful medicine that exists for human-kind. Laughter. I thank you, the theatre staff (Budweiser Gardens), the event organisers and the London, ON Community for your continued honor and support. I'm Far From Finished," Cosby said in the statement issued by his publicist following the show, Associated Press reports.

Dr. Cliff Huxtable of 'The Cosby Show' was a very famous character of Cosby and it ended up earning the reputation of 'America's Dad'. Cosby, 77, is also slated to perform at the Hamilton Place Theatre on Friday and have a number of shows lined up all over the United States in the upcoming months.