Cortana Arriving On Android This June, iOS To Get It End Of This Year, Microsoft Confirms
Cortana Arriving On Android This June, iOS To Get It End Of This Year, Microsoft

A group of Italian hackers who call themselves OrangeSec have managed to port Cortana over to Android. As exciting as it may sound, there are some limits and the ported version of Cortana, which the hackers named as Portana, may not work for all. If you are an Italian speaking Android user, there is a good chance you can take Portana for a spin but do not expect fully-integrated software as in the Windows Phone.

OrangeSec's efforts are commendable but Portana is still flawed. Besides its limitations to work with Android apps, Portana works only when there is an active internet connection on your mobile. The software does so by communicating with Microsoft's servers through a hardware proxy. There is also some DNS and SSL tweaks involved in the process, Silicon Angle reported.

Microsoft did not make a direct statement about Portana but advised use of Cortana to get flawless experience.

"Cortana was first available for our Windows Phone customers in Spring of 2014, and we announced on January 21 that Cortana will come to PC and tablets later this year with the release of Windows 10," a Microsoft spokesperson told VentureBeat. "We believe the best way to enjoy the full Cortana experience is as designed by Microsoft and available through Windows Phone and the Windows 10 technical preview."

This is the first time a working demo of Cortana on a rival platform is seen but the idea is not entirely new. There have been several rumours hinting at Cortana's arrival on Android and iOS but the Redmond-based software titan has refused to confirm such plans. For now, Microsoft is completely focused on developing the Windows 10 OS, where Cortana is expected to pave its way for the PCs. It remains to be seen how the new integration will work and benefit end users.