Anjum Khan

"Discover Anjum Khan's inspiring journey from corporate life to impactful university counseling. Unearth the challenges, triumphs, and bold decisions that led to 'Delphini Education Consultancy becoming a global education leader. Following was our conversation with Anjum Khan.

Can you discuss the key factors behind your shift from the corporate world to pursuing an MBA and how that choice led to your current counseling role at the university?

I began my career with Wipro, and while there, I realised that I had started working too early and was too young at the time to handle corporate, so I decided to continue my studies and enjoy my student life like any other college student. While deciding which university to attend, I received an offer from a top university, and I assumed that by the time I graduated, I would have worked for another year and completed my degree, but by the time I graduated, I had already launched my company Delphini Education Consultancy.

Establishing "Delphini Education Consultant" in 2013 marked a pivotal career move. What were the initial hurdles you faced, and how did you overcome them to position your company as a prominent education provider across Pan India?

My age was one of the biggest challenges. Being an entrepreneur at a young age can be an exciting and rewarding journey, but it comes with its unique set of challenges. Overcoming Stereotypes: There may be stereotypes associated with young entrepreneurs, such as notions of inexperience or a lack of seriousness. Proving oneself and breaking through these stereotypes can be an ongoing effort. I had Limited experience, resources, funding, and Credibility. Apart from all these struggles then balancing your studies and entrepreneurial journey is tough. It's ironic to say this, but in my case, counseling students to study and then doing self-study to prepare for exams went hand in hand. While I was graduating, I was called to Indore to host a counseling session for PhD aspirants who had received state and central government scholarships to pursue a PhD. People were often surprised and shocked when they met me at educational events, particularly university rector and Head. All I knew was how to work in education and how to close deals with international universities, as well as how to deal with students and understand them better because I was in the same age group as the students I used to recruit, and they used to agree with my ideas. All of my doubts were successfully navigated and overcome.

Expanding your consultancy to Dubai, London, and Zimbabwe reflects a bold global strategy. What inspired this international expansion, and what were the challenges in setting up and managing offices in diverse locations?

I find my greatest inspiration in setting high goals and pushing myself to achieve them. With each accomplishment, I don't see an end but a new beginning. Every goal met is a testament to my determination, resilience, and capacity for growth. I am not limited by what I have achieved; instead, I am propelled by the vision of what I can become. I embrace the journey of continuous improvement, forever setting and surpassing higher goals. Each step forward is a celebration of my potential, and with every achievement, I discover the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. My biggest inspiration is not just reaching the summit but having the courage to ascend even higher peaks. I am the architect of my ambitions, and my journey is a testament to the limitless heights I can reach. I conducted market research and comprehended the Global Demand for Education. I began in Dubai, where I gained access to the global market, and then expanded to the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. There were certainly many challenges that one faced when opening an office in another country. Starting with regulations and laws and progressing to technology and cultural differences. All of this was possible because of my experience in education for over a decade.