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Netizens took to Twitter to share videos showing mass gathering at some places.Twitter

The whole of India clapped, clanged utensils at 5 pm in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's appeal for a Janata Curfew on Sunday, March 22. However, it seems that few people are either not serious about Social Distancing or have no comprehension skills and cannot understand directives no matter how many times it's explained to them.

A major chunk of these were seen clapping hands, clanking plates and shouting on streets in groups in several states, thus paying no heed to the distance norms and goal of Janata Curfew.

  • janata curfew
  • janata curfew


A handful of people on social media came out with various assumptions, claiming that clapping together at 5 pm on Sunday would kill coronavirus. The messages were being forwarded on WhatsApp and several other social messaging apps.

Netizens took to Twitter to share videos showing mass gathering at some places, while people were urged by PM Modi to stay indoors to check the spread of the novel coronavirus or Covid-19.

Check out the Twitter reactions:

"Hi @pilibhitpolice @Dmpilibhit, this photo is from your official tweet. Can you please explain why the police chief and DM totally disregarded safe - distance norms and led this procession at 5 pm during the #JantaCurfew?"

"Saw the visuals of people gathering to celebrate #JantaCurfew as "success". Pl educate people around you. Don't let India turn into Italy."

"Bike and Car Rally by Indore's #COVIDIOT in honour of those fighting the Corona Virus in the frontlines."

"Nothing will embarrass India more than the #Covid_19 prevention measures. #JantaCurfew has totally backfired."

"This is Indore's Rajwada area at 5 pm. So much for Social Distancing call."

"Foolish people of Indore celebration corona festival."

Others have also tagged PM Modi, the Prime Minister's Office and said: "This is Indore, Dear Modi pls suspend all nonsense beurocrate. Why they are playing with us. It's failure of DM. If you not it serious very Indore will become Italy."

"Such a gross negligence here in Indore, people celebrating #JantaCurfew but defeating the whole purpose. And most distracting thing is the rally was organised by #IndoreNagarNigam"

"Such a shame on the people of #Indore! In the pandemic situation they were out on the streets,to celebrate...They should be cautious of the situation as it has not ended yet.Their is nothing to celebrate yet! Shame!"