The coronavirus has made the whole world anxious since December last year. While the epidemic is growing, the panic around the disease has spread like wildfire. Till now, India hadn't yet had as many positive cases but with the number inching towards 30, Indians are definitely in a state of fear.

Amidst this panic as the government figures out how to go about containing the virus, celebrities have taken to social media to make their followers and fans aware, give a vote of confidence or have changed their own plans due to the disease.

Salman Khan
@beingsalmankhan on Instagram

Celebrity reactions to coronavirus

Ever since it was announced that there are about 28 cases in India that have tested positive for Coronavirus, the country has been panicking. Celebrities have emerged using social media to spread some confidence, and others have made their own changes.

Mahesh Babu took to Twitter to spread the advisory on precautions to be taken by everyone to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Kajal Aggarwal too tweeted the pamphlet via Twitter:

Deepika Padukone changed her travel plans to attend the Paris Fashion Week, as the epidemic has spread across Europe. Prabhas was also spotted at the Hyderabad airport donning a mask.

As customary greetings are changing around the world, and as the world figures out an alternative to a handshake, Anupam Kher posted a video advising people to use the Namaste and not the handshake, apart from following the prescribed notice to wash one's hands.

Salman Khan also posted a photo on Instagram about the Coronavirus and how in Indian culture the greetings included the Namaste and Salaam. 

Earlier in February, Aamir Khan had posted a video message for his Chinese fans, hoping for their safety. We can say the virus has truly got the world gripped.