A key part of social distancing and a lockdown is staying in a particular place and restricting movement that might expose one or anybody they come in contact with from the virus. Travelling then defeats the purpose of social distancing and a nation-wide lockdown.

Lately, it seems when it comes to the Coronavirus, there are two types of celebrity examples, those who have been proactive from the get-go and others who are oblivious to the current situation. Shahid Kapoor's recent actions with the gym instance in Mumbai and now his latest travel to Punjab is inviting problematic questions from fans and the public. 

Shahid Kapoor
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Shahid Kapoor travels to Beas, Punjab with family amidst lockdown

Lockdowns apply to everyone. When some consider themselves above it, it seems to come from a place of privilege and sheer disregard to the ongoing crisis. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced India into lockdown and while many stay put in their homes for the sake of public safety, there are still those who don't see the need. 

Shahid Kapoor has invited some stares and glares for his latest move. The pandemic and the lockdown don't seem to be stopping Shahid Kapoor and his family. The Bollywood actor along with Mira Rajput and their children have headed off to Beas, Punjab. The actor is actually a follower of Radha Saomi Satsang Beas.

Shahid Kapoor also owns a house on the Dera premises. However, according to the government mandate, the premises have been shut to visitors. Satsang attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Due to the government's order against large gatherings, Dera has been shut for a while. Although those who own houses on the premises are still allowed in.

Dera Beas even offered the Health Minister of Punjab all its centres to be converted into isolation wards. Shahid Kapoor had recently returned from Chandigarh when the shoot for Jersey had stopped due to the Coronavirus outbreak. He was also pulled up for visiting a gym breaking the BMC's order to close gyms in Mumbai.

The actor has been active on social media asking his fans to take care and follow all the precautions. Actions speak louder than words. While there may be a reason why he might have gone to Beas, whatever it may be, celebrities have been at the helm of promoting social distancing. This includes forgoing non-essential travel. At a time like this when the world is gripped by fear over the virus, actions such as these put many at risk also encouraging obliviousness and ignorance of those who don't see the point. That's exactly what we're trying to fight here.