Face masks are going to be a fashion accessory and social status soon, feels filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, at a time when India along with the rest of the world is battling the COVID 19 pandemic.

Shoojit Sircar
Shoojit Sircar.PR Handout

The "Piku" director took to Twitter to express the idea. He wrote: "Face masks are going to be a fashion accessory and social status soon like jewellery, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses etc. Designer label face masks for weddings/birthdays/anniversary etc."

Masks have become mandatory to step out anywhere, what with the escalating count of COVID-19 cases everywhere around.

Reacting to his tweet, a user shared a news piece that says global fashion giants such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel have already started making protective clothing for people on the front lines of the pandemic.

One of the brightest and most innovative storytellers in Bollywood, Shoojit Sircar never seems to run out of fresh ideas to share on social media while spending time in lockdown. And his sense of humour is worth applauds, too!

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In an earlier tweet this morning, the filmmaker expressed that since the world has been hit by an economic crisis, we should head back to barter system as a means for exchanging goods and services. He suggested that people can give him their unused items, clothes, ration, vegetables and other things in exchange for watching his movies!

"As the World 2020 is hit with huge 'Economic Crisis' I suggest let's head back to Barter System as a means for exchanging goods and services. It is most Simple and trade is 'Fair', No problem of over-production and Under-production, No concentration of economic power. In a barter system, you only produce the required amount of goods and services, thus minimizing waste in the monetary economy. For ex. People watch my films and they can give me ur unused items/ration/veggies/clothes what ever," he shared on Twitter.