When COVID-19 cases keep increasing per day, the world seems to be scared for its simultaneous event too! With husbands and wives staying at home all day long, the reports, strangely, show a high increase in the rate of divorce petitions and complaints!

japan couple
japan couple

Spouse apartments ready to take!

A solution to this, an enterprising Japanese short-term rental firm has planned to market its empty apartments as a way for stressed couples to get some time apart during the coronavirus induced lockdown.

"Please consult with us before thinking about 'coronavirus divorce'," the Tokyo-based Kasoku urges its customers. The firm offers its Airbnb-like fully-furnished units as "temporary shelters" for people to escape the family, whether to work or just get some peace and quiet.

These 'temporary apartments' tend to provide a stress-free zone to the needed couple.

The apartments are offered by Kasoku for 4,400 yen ($40) a day. According to spokesman Kosuke Amano, the company has had 20 customers since it began the campaign on April 3. The firm also offers a free 30-minute divorce consultation with a legal official. A well-packed stress buster for the couples, it seems.

Temporary apartments to relieve stress

"Among the users of this service are a wife who said she fled after having a big fight with her husband, and a woman who said she wants time to herself as she is tired of taking care of her children who are at home all day because of school closures, while her husband works remotely at home," Amano said.

japan lockdown
japan lockdown

Meanwhile, the Japanese government has declared a state of emergency in seven regions considering the coronavirus outbreak.

Although the measures do not include restrictions on going out, people have been asked to avoid unnecessary outings. Schools still remain shut and people continue the work from home schedules.