Rightly said that don't panic; but take precautions. As the world gets hit by coronavirus and people everywhere are panicking; a private school in Varanasi has hit upon a new method to spread awareness about the coronavirus and remove misconceptions about it among its students.

The school has started a 'Corona class' for its students. A list has been prepared for the students citing the 'Do's and Don't's' naming it the 'Karo na' or the 'Don't do' list.

The list gives out information about the covid-19 virus and what steps can be taken as precautions.

Students at a Varanasi school attending the 'Karo na' class

Jayashri Gupta, a teacher in the school, said, "We have started these extra classes from Saturday. We are informing the children about the symptoms of the coronavirus and how to avoid the infection by listing what is not to be done - 'karo na' ."

According to the teacher, Varanasi attracts a lot of tourists each year and it is vital for the school to make students understand what the virus is and how is it spreading as it will enable the children to do the necessary bit to keep the infection at bay.

The initiative is amusing since 'karo na' rhymes with corona and this also makes children remember things easily.

The Karo na list  

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As per the 'karo na' list, the students are being advised not to shake hands or hug each other as this enables the virus to infect others from an already infected person. The list also states that students should not share tiffin and the same water bottle. They are also asked not to share towels and handkerchiefs.

The list also advises the students to wash their hands using soap and water at regular intervals. And in case a student feels unwell; he or she should immediately report to a teacher or parents.

They are also told to maintain high standards of hygiene in school and at home. "We have decided to keep the children educated on this issue so that they can convey the information to their parents also," the teacher said.