Titanfall was released on 11 March 2014. titanfall.com

If reports (and there are abundant) are to be believed, we are nearing close to the next Titanfall game, although it hasn't been that long since the release of the first. However, considering how well the first one played, it isn't really a big surprise that the devs are planning a sequel.

While Titanfall 2 has been confirmed, there's still some time left before we really start stumbling upon details regarding the game. However, over the weeks, there have been quite a few reports coming out with details related to it. Some are even talking about few disagreements between parties that could affect its release.

So is the new Titanfall coming this year or will it be delayed? What are the new mechs that will be involved this time around? Here's a closer look.

Potential Offline Campaign On the Cards

Titanfall, as you know, is a multiplayer FPS title. However, there's word on the street that this version of the Mech vs. Pilot FPS will support some sort of offline campaign content. As of now, Titanfall has a campaign, but it's online, and no one is really bothered about it. If indeed the developers are looking to include a campaign mode into the new game, they could take cues from the likes of Battlefield or even Call of Duty on how they form their stories, provided Respawn actually has a proper story to tell.

So Will it be a Single Player Mode?

Talking about an offline campaign for the new Titanfall, all fingers currently point to a single player mode for the game. While the first Titanfall has sold well enough, Respawn, naturally, wanted to outdo itself in that department. And that was highlighted from a previous Respawn COO Dusty Welch interview with Game Informer. Welch spoke about how the company intends on improving upon the first Titanfall going forward. Many gamers, although praising the first game for its major MP elements, have shown disappointment that the game doesn't support a single-player campaign. This time, though, amends are said to have been made, with Welch also stating that the team is going back to the drawing boards and that he wouldn't "rule it out for the future."

Could it Be a Third-Person Exploration Title?

Not long ago, Respawn was hiring industry professionals for 2015. The company, according to its career's page, was looking for a senior animator, a senior character artist, and a senior systems designer. While they were all indications of an upcoming game, what really interested was the fact that the job roles requested "experience working on 3rd person action/exploration games." Apart from that, the Senior Systems Designer role would look over "hero control/mechanics, enemy design, AI behaviours, combat/weapons, class design, skills/progression, story, and boss encounters." And although all those criteria sounded much different from a Titanfall game, there were reports that the company was actually looking to mould a new Titanfall into being, embedded with third-person exploration elements inside.

They Might Not Call it 'Titanfall 2'

While Respawn Entertainment has indeed revealed via an official statement that the second sequel of Titanfall is in the pipeline, the name of the title still remains unofficial and may be named something other than 'Titanfall 2.' According to a recent report, Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella confirmed that the company is working on a sequel for Titanfall. Apart from working on an official name, the company is also said to be establishing a second team for working on new stuff that will be "small, exploratory and multiplatform", according to Zampella.

PS4/Xbox One Release... And Controversy

The big news here is that Titanfall will no longer remain limited to the likes of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, and will now be heading over to PS4. Respawn has often quoted players as saying that the online playerbase has somewhat dwindled over the last few months after it hit off so well initially with a bustling player community. Maybe, that compelled the company to shed off any such premonitions and decided to make the new game open for all. However, the first step to that involves Microsoft and Sony ironing out a deal that would serve as a green-light to its publishing. And an Enstarz report built upon the deal, claiming from a 'report' or 'statement' that the deal could be finalised soon. But until both the parties come to some sort of understanding, debates will continue whether the game will really be available for Sony's next-gen console, this time around.

Microsoft's Titanfall 2 Timed Exclusive

According to Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter, going by Microsoft's track record in the past, it is possible that Microsoft will try to keep the new game exclusive to the console. "Respawn Entertainment made a game [Titanfall] in about four years with 75 guys. And Vince Zampella will have a new game on multiple platforms probably in three years. He'll beef up the studio and he is really good at it," he previously told Gamingbolt. "But yes it will be a multiplatform game and yes, Microsoft will offer something for a timed exclusive," he added.

Titanfall Not Arriving Before Holiday 2017

The same report, quoting Pachter, also claimed that the game cannot be expected anytime soon. "I would expect, since Titanfall came out in March of '14, you'll see Titanfall 2 probably by Holiday of '17, so I expect that they'll announce it at next year's E3, a year from now," Pachter stated. "There's so much time between now and Holiday of '17. Let's see if Sony continues to advance, and continues to outpace Xbox One in sales, then no, I don't think you're ever going to see a title that's Xbox One exclusive," he added.