Even though the science fiction series "Continuum" has ended after 4 seasons with season finale broadcast on 9 October, it seems the story may not be over and could get a new beginning with a spin-off series.

So far, the show has garnered positive response, with both critics and fans praising its story, characters and direction. Hence, when the final episode titled "Final Hour" was aired, there was a lot of speculation whether the story will continue or not.

Now, it seems the show's creator, Simon Barry, realises the need to carry on the story. 

In Reddit AMA, Barry answered fan questions regarding the show. He said that while the story of "Continuum" will 'likely' end after the 6-episode final season, he hopes to find a way to tell 'more stories' from the Continuum-verse. His statement has definitely raised hopes of a sequel among fans.

"While the Universe of Continuum is large and there are more stories to tell, this particular one will likely end in 2015. Is that cryptic enough?" he said.

"There are no plans to make Continuum post Season 4, but it's a big universe with big themes and perhaps someday there will be a way to tell these associated stories and continue the political social discussion."

Even though Barry didn't give details on how he is planning to continue the story, he did narrow down the possibilities by stating that a "Continuum" book is out of question.

"I would love to write a book, but it might be based on a new idea. I think the ending of Season 4 will not require tapping into what might have been. We are all very happy with what we have planned," he said.

When asked whether the possible continuation will be showcased on another outlet such as Netflix, he said that Netflix didn't make any offers and it may not happen.

On broadcasting the show on any other channel, he said, "We have a very specific business model which is not as flexible as traditional studio financed shows."

Though it is early to say anything conclusively, Barry's statement indicates that the story is far from over and it is just a matter of time when something new related to the show is announced.