After 14 months since season three wrapped up, "Continuum" is back with the fourth and final season beginning on 11 September at Syfy channel in the US. The first of the last six episodes will be aired on Friday night.

The previous seasons of "Continuum" were named after Time, Second and Minute and as the fourth season is already airing on Showcase in Canada, we know that the fourth season will be based on the theme of Hours.

Beginning from where the story was left in the previous season, Brad (Ryan Robbins) and Kiera (Rachel Nichols) detonated the device and realised it was not a very good idea.

Apart from them, all the other members of the gang are also present, including Ian Tracey, Aleks Paunovic, Michael Eklund and "Supernatural" actor Ty Olsson.

The identity of new arrivals is yet to be revealed completely. In the meanwhile, Keira's encounter with them sent her into a CMR sim that upended her previous decision of making a life in the present time.

Keira and Alec are back together and in a very delighting way to the fans. Also, she is more cooperative with Carlos than the last season and is coordinating with him better than ever. It seems her tolerance regarding adopting the current situation has also significantly increased.

Alec is dead set to take advantage of other Alec's lifestyle choices. He went after Kellog for his Piron coup, but unfortunately his plan backfired.

It will be interesting to see where the six episodes will lead the story to. Surely, it is not a lot of time, but if any show can get it done, it is this one. Given that till now all the seasons have been refreshingly fascinating, the show might end on a completely satisfying note.

Below is the sneak peek of season four premiere episode.