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In the upcoming episode titled "I to Die, You to Live" of The CW's miniseries "Containment" Season 1, it seems that Jana (Christina Moses) will make a shocking discovery when she will realise that Suzy is also stuck inside the cordon.

CLICK HERE to watch how Jana will get Suzy out of the cordon and whether she will succeed in it or not.

According to the synopsis of the episode by, "Lex (David Gyasi) seeks Jake's (Chris Wood) help in tracking down a missing woman who had contact with an infected patient. Meanwhile, Teresa (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence) learns about her friends' possible exposure; Katie (Kristen Gutoskie) watches over her students; and Jana discovers that Suzy is also stuck inside the cordon."

In the trailer of Episode 2, Lex can be seen telling his girlfriend Jana that there are some things that even he can't tell about the quarantine. Lex is known for one of the most honest police officers and it seems that there must be something really serious that he had to hide it from his girlfriend.

Whether Lex will be able to find a solution to the epidemic or not will be seen once the episode airs.

In the premiere episode, a man from the Middle East stowed away on a cargo plane bound for the US. He carried a modified version of what was later discovered to be "avian influenza."

He became ill and infected his family, his doctor and, potentially, the city of Atlanta. Government official and doctor Sabine Lommers (Claudia Black) erected a barrier around part of the city to keep the virus from spreading.

She asked police officer Lex Carnahan to go outside the barrier to keep peace in the rest of the city. He accepted, but only in the hopes of learning what was happening inside the quarantine, as his girlfriend Jana and friend and fellow cop Jake were there.