Constant Reboot, BSOD Errors On iPhone 6: How Big Is The Problem, What Is The Cause and How to Fix It?
How To Fix Blue Screen Error And Constant Reboots On iPhones?Facebook / Jeff Levine

Several iPhone users have been witnessing sudden restarts along with "blue screens of death" (BSOD) errors on their devices of late. In the US, there has been an outbreak of constant reboot and BSOD errors on iPhones, with owners getting weary of the problem, reports MacRumours. Several users took their complaints to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, explaining the intensity of their problems.

Going by affected users' complaints online, the problem is limited to T-Mobile versions of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The affected devices restart every 10 to 30 minutes right after a blue screen takes over the display. The problem is not tied to any specific iOS version as affected devices appear to be running on iOS 8.1 as well as iOS 8.3, according to MacRumours.

Explaining the problem first hand, a Reddit user katylovescoach wrote, "So this morning my iPhone 6 (4 months old) started just randomly restarting itself every 20-30 minutes or so. I wasn't even using it most of the time, it was in my pocket at work (could tell because of lock screen that indicated I needed to enter my pin after a restart as opposed to finger ID). At one point I was texting my SO about it, the screen turned blue for maybe 2 seconds and it restarted."

Flooded with several complaints on Twitter, here are some tweets by users explaining the nature of the problem.

What is the cause?

The root cause of the problem remains unknown at the time. Since the problem is limited to T-Mobile handsets, there is a good chance that a possible update might have triggered the issue. After a brief chat with T-Mo staff, a Reddit user concluded that the constant reboots could be caused due to memory problems.

How to fix it?

Luckily, the affected users need not break their heads over looking for the root cause of the problem but simply apply the solution to fix constant reboots. In Apple Support Communities, users have found disabling Wi-Fi Calling feature on their iPhones fixed the problem. In case that doesn't work for some, doing a hard reset by holding down the lock key and home key together seems to be working in favor of affected users.