Conquest Evade
Conquest Evade launches in IndiaFacebook

Conquest Vehicles Inc in a partnership with Indian-based leading automotive dealer Magus Cars Ltd launched the company's first unarmored SUV EVADE in India at a price of ₹85 million, making it the most expensive SUV available in the country.

"Evade is a revolution to the Indian SUV unarmored segment. With our patrons exhausted with the current limited options available, they are now eagerly awaiting Magus Cars to bring to market fresh and innovative brands such as the upcoming launch of Conquest Vehicles' EVADE by the end of this year," said Jatin Ahuja, Vice President, The Magus Group.

With an aim to set a new standard for the company, the all new Evade packs a 6.8-litre engine that delivers 400 Bhp of power at 2215 Nm of torque. The new six-seater SUV features a cabin space of 400 cubic feet and the entire vehicle offers touch screens for both driver and passengers. Other exciting features the Evade includes are joystick controlled searchlights and FLIR night vision camera systems in the front and rear parts of the vehicle.

Toronto-based Conquest Vehicles said that the Evade will be significantly lighter than flagship vehicle Knight XV. In the Evade, elements including the vehicle's steering wheel, proprietary hinges, running boards and even the key itself are manufactured using solid stainless steel, while the handles are made out of a solid block of aluminum.

The all new luxurious vehicle will be available in India by the end of this year in both petrol and diesel versions.