Arvind Kejriwal (R), former Delhi Chief Minister ( a file photo)
Arvind Kejriwal (R), former Delhi Chief Minister ( a file photo)Reuters

New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has pledged action against corrupt officials from the previous government, even if it leads to the Congress party withdrawing its support to AAP. In two separate television interviews, the CM reiterated that Congress would soon regret offering support to his party.

"Just wait for few days, you will see it for yourself," he warned.

Kejriwal said he had spent an entire day going through the files of the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the Delhi Jal Board, and he would soon take actions against all corrupt officials. Asked if that would include previous Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit, he replied no one will be spared.

"In the next few days you will see some action taken against corrupt officials and politicians. Congress will regret giving us support. In fact, we never took support from Congress, they forcefully gave it to us. It is the strangest kind of support. We have not ever spoken or even met till now," he told NDTV.  "In our 20 days of being in power, we have set up an anti-corruption branch and action will soon be initiated."

In another interview with CNN IBN, Kejriwal insisted he had never asked for support from the Congress in the first place, and that if the party wanted to withdraw support, they could do so any time.

"We had even drafted a letter in which we had refused to form government since we did not have sufficient seats. However, that evening Congress sent a letter to the LG offering us support," the CM said.

"They accused us of having made promises that we could not fulfill. Now, after all that we have achieved in the government, they are regretting ever having made this offer," he added.

Meanwhile, outgoing CM Dikshit, who is thought have been unhappy with the Congress' decision to help AAP form the government, said that Kejriwal's government is welcome to inspect any file.

"The CWG has already been studied by the Shunglu committee and the CAG. People have really short memories if they can't recall that we were givern a clean chit. Kejriwal is most welcome to do whatever he wants to," she told TOI.

In his interviews Kejriwal also clarified other issues, including law minister Somnath Bharti's controversial night raid, difference of opinions between Captain Gopinath and AAP, controversies surrounding first Junta Darbar, water and electricity.

The Delhi CM read out a list of achievements by his party and challenged to name any government since the Independence to have formulated as many reforms as the AAP has done, within 21 days of being in the office.