K Muraleedharan P Jayarajan

K Muraleedharan has been named as the Congress candidate in Vadakara constituency for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It should be noted that CPI(M) has named former Kannur District Secretary P Jayarajan as their candidate for the constituency.

The selection of K Muraleedharan as the Vadakara candidate has apparently racked up positive responses from Congress workers. They believe a strong candidate like K Muraleedharan is capable of challenging a powerful candidate like P Jayarajan and considering the current trend, Muraleedharan has a slight upper hand over the communist leader.

After being named as the candidate for Vadakara constituency, Muraleedharan revealed that it is his duty to obey what the party decides. He also added that the battle in Vadakara will be actually the war between clean politics and violent politics.

"Only Congress is capable of setting up a strong government in the nation. In the national Cabinet, Narendra Modi has been running worse governance, and in Kerala, blood-shedding politics is going on. To solve both these issues, Congress should win the election at any cost," Muraleedharan said. 

Social media users are also supporting Muraleedharan after his name was announced by Congress. As per the UDF supporters, P Jayarajan, who is an accused in a murder case, should not win the election, and a strong candidate like Muraleedharan is capable of defeating him with ease.

K Muraleedharan
K Muraleedharan
K Muraleedharan

It should be also noted that RMP has also decided to give support to UDF to defeat P Jayarajan in the constituency. Earlier, KK Rama of RMP had made it clear that defeating P Jayarajan is a must to end the blood-spilling spree in Kerala politics.

However, CPI(M) workers believe that Vadakara constituency will be dipped in red this time, as P Jayarajan will easily win the contest, defeating both UDF and BJP candidates.