Naomi Campbell refers the Nobel Prize Winner Malala as 'Malaria' on Social Media
Naomi Campbell refers the Nobel Prize Winner Malala as 'Malaria' on Social MediaReuters

The supermodel Naomi Campbell congratulated the youngest Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai on social media, but made a big typo error by referring to her as 'Malaria'.

Campbell wished the 17-year-old winner through Instagram which read: "Congratulations malaria on your #noblepeaceprize #2014 #Respect #joy #ithalljuststarted."

It soon went viral on Twitter and became the butt of jokes. Apart from typing Yousafzai's name wrong, Campbell, also misspelt the word Nobel as 'noble'.

The 44-year-old supermodel should check her spelling errors as well as what she is typing before posting on any social media site. Apart from those two epic fails, Campbell also made another typo in the last hash tag which read '#ithalljuststarted', which should have been '#itsalljuststarted'.

Later on, Campbell deleted the tweet and gave her tribute with another post on Instagram. Apparently, she is not the first person who made an autocorrect error regarding Yousafzai's name. Initially the Bollywood actor Jackky Bhagnani became the target of jokes on Twitter when he referred Malala as 'Masala'.

The "Youngistaan" actor congratulated the Nobel Prize winner on Twitter which read: "Such good news to hear about masala and the noble peace price . My speech In #youngistaan was inspired by her!!"

The actor's tweet became viral on social media where he spelled the name wrong as well as changed 'prize' to 'price'.

On Friday, Pakistani teen activist Malala was awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize as she stood for the education for women campaigns after being shot by the Taliban at her hometown in north-west Pakistan.