Condom Cookbook
Cover of "Condom Rice I want to Make "Amazon

Condoms were definitely one of the best inventions in the world and they serve many purposes; most importantly and obviously to practise safe sex, but you could also use them as balloons, water balloons, disposable bags, ice packs and so on. Bet there's another use of condoms you never considered -- to cook!

A new Japanese cookbook, whose title roughly translates to "Condom Rice I Want to Make", offers recipes to dishes that use condoms for preparation and storage; don't worry they are not active ingredients. Author Kysuke Kagami teamed up with photographer Fukagawa Kouta to create the cookbook, which doubles as a safe sex campaign promoting the use of condoms among Japanese men.

According to a study "Report to UNAIDS—HIV/AIDS TRENDS IN JAPAN March 2014", a total of 14,706 cases of HIV infection and 6,719 AIDS cases were reported in Japan as of the end of 2012. The number of reported cases of both HIV infection and AIDS are continuing to increase, especially due to transmission through sexual contact.

It has also been reported that there is lack of awareness about sexually transmitted diseases in Japan and that the men have a general dislike for condoms, with only about 42 % regularly using them, Refinery29 revealed.

Kagami, writer of the manga "Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous", aims to show the durability of condoms and believes that this could potentially lead to the spread of condoms in cooking. Kagami wants to "familiarize the presence of condoms in daily life" using this cookbook and increase its usage among Japanese men, Nari Nari reported.

The cookbook features 11 condom-based recipes, which look mouthwatering from the pictures, including Condom Sushi, Condoms Tokoroten, Condom Stuffed with Meat, Escargot Butter Grilled Condom and Over Condom Ice Chocolate Sauce.

The condom cookbook, which can be purchased from Amazon at ¥ 250, has received some interesting reviews, including one comment posted by Dutch, who said she was saved by the cookbook as the condoms in her home were about to expire soon. Dutch particularly found the Stuffed with Meat recipe revolutionary.

The online community has never been one to remain quiet when bizzare products pop up. However, their reaction has been unanimous with users like Mahananda Bohidar tweeting, "Sometimes you think the world is a dreary,monotonous place. Trust #Japan to demolish that notion. #CondomCookbook"

YouTuber Japanese food style cooked one of the popular recipes from "Condom Dishes I Want to Make for You" involving an avocado, smoked salmon, rice, sugar, vinegar and of course, a condom.