Indian political leaders have very frequently made headlines for their outrageous and bizarre statements, and CPI leader Atul Anjan is the latest among them. Addressing a crowd in Uttar Pradesh, he said that Bollywood actress Sunny Leone's condom advertisement will lead to rise in rape cases in India.

"Leone is the heroine of the world's most vulgar movies," Anjan said at a public meeting in Ghazipur district of the state. He added that he vomited just two minutes after watching Leone's adult film.

"Switch on the idiot box and you'll see woman called Sunny Leone. She is the heroine of the world's most vulgar movies. She's was brought to India from Australia by film director Mahesh Bhatt. She has acted in pornographic films. I puked after watching her movie," Deccan Chronicle quoted Anjan as saying.

"Nowadays, one of her advertisements is being telecast on national television,where she is seen lying down on a beach and promoting a condom brand. This advertisement develops sexually infected mindset and demolishes your sensibility. If such advertisements will continue to be shown on television then there will certainly be an increase in rape cases," he added. 

Several political leaders in the past have been slammed for putting the blame on girls' attire, television and even chowmein for the increasing cases of rape and sexual assault on women.

Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and chief of Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav recently raked up controversy by saying it is impractical for four men to rape one woman.

"Is it even possible that four men can rape a woman? It's not even practical. Now they will say somebody was watching, someone was there. If there are four brothers, they name all of them," Hindustan Times quoted Singh as saying.

The SP chief is now known for making such remarks repeatedly. Last year in August, he had criticised stricter laws against rape convicts and said, "rape accused should not be hanged. Men make mistakes," at a rally in Moradabad.

Trinamool Congress leader Tapas Pal too had joined their league last year when he blamed short skirt, chowmein and mobile phones for increasing cases of rapes and sexual assault on women in India.

Another SP leader Totaram Yadav had faced backlash in June this year for his statement: "What is rape? There is nothing as such... Rape happens when women mutually agree to get raped".