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Check the audience review of Dulquer Salmaan's Comrade in America aka CIA.Comrade in America/Facebook

Movie Name: Comrade in America (CIA)
Cast and Crew: Dulquer Salmaan, Karthika Muraleedharan, Soubin Shahir, Siddique, Alencier Ley, Chandini Sreedharan, Jinu Joseph, Dileesh Pothan and John Vijay.
Director: Amal Neerad
Producer: Amal Neerad
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
Release Date: May 5 2017
Genre: Political/ Romantic/ Family/ Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Young star Dulquer Salmaan's much awaited Comrade in America (CIA) finally hit the screens across India on Friday, May 5. While it is released in more than 200 screens in Kerala alone, the screen count outside the state is nearly 100 on the opening day itself. The DQ-starrer has as many as 67 special fans shows in Kerala alone.

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The political, romantic and action entertainer is the directorial venture of Amal Neerad, who is known for the superhit movies Big B, Iyobinte Pusthakam, among others. Dulquer plays as Aji Mathew, a Pala-based communist, and the teaser of the movie, in which he is seen speaking to a police officer (Sujith Sankar) about the fights of SFY (communist party) members at Maharajas College in Ernakulam, has already raised the expectations of the audience.

Comrade in America, CIA, Dulquer salmaan
Comrade in America (CIA) will be released on May 5.Comrade in America/Facebook

CIA stars debutant Karthika Muraleedharan, daughter of popular cinematographer CK Muraleedharan in the female lead role. It also has an ensemble cast, including Soubin Shahir, Siddique, Alencier Ley, Chandini Sreedharan, Jinu Joseph, Dileesh Pothan and John Vijay in significant roles.

The Dulquer-starrer is expected to perform well at the worldwide box office, owing to the tremendous fan following the youth icon enjoys even from the non-Malayali audience. Though the film is unlikely to become the biggest first day grosser, fans are expecting the Amal directorial to break the opening-day collection of megastar Mammootty's The Great Father, which is said to have minted Rs 4.31 crore on day one at the Kerala box office.

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Dq Best Intro till date Marana Mass One #ComradeInAmerica


#ComradeInAmerica Interval: Good first half. DQ's intro with title card is terrific! Siddique ikka is superb. Bus stand fight scene was HEAVY. And Gopi Sundar's bgm is spaaarrr. Decent first half ! Decent first half n weak second half. Felt as an average flick for me! Lack of story is the main drawback in the film!  

muhammad adhil‏

#CiA #ComradeInAmerica Interval : Intro, Bus stand fight and few dialogues stands out.Otherwise okay. 2nd haf is less engaging with weak writing characters but technical side made up to an extent. (+)es @dulQuer ,1st haf,technical side,music, locations,climax. (-)es Soulless romance,weak characters in 2nd haf. Overall its an average flick with a decent 1st haf and mediocre 2nd haf.1 tym watch for the technical side and Dq. ComradeInAmerica and for the comparisons with #NPCB, this one lacked the strengths of that movie.Soulful romance & rooted characters.


#ComradeInAmerica #CIA
Simply Superb Movie
Go Watch it.Never disappoints
Awesome Cinematography & Bgm
@dulQuer just Rocked @ AjiMathew
A Good Movie that has many positives in it
Go watch in theatres
I loved it


A simple first half hope second half compensates it!! Amal Neerad effect all over. Second half completely disappointed. Didn't expect it from Amal Neerad! Exceptional Camera Works & Gopi Sunder's BGM the only saving part of #CIA. Okayish first half & below average second half. #BaahubaliTheConclusion is going to rape. The only doubt I've is.. Why would Amal Neerad releases #CIA with #BaahubaliTheConclusion?? 'Based on a true story' may be that's the factor that disappointed me in #CIA I was expecting a complete Amal Neerad Movie. Finally Somebody please explains why there is 2 Stunt Directors in the movie? #ComradeInAmerica #CIA

PJ Arun Ngl‏ 

#ComradeInAmerica #CiA good movie with lot of gud moments.. @dulQuer screen presence aiyooo masssss... go n watch it


#CiA a decent flick with weak writing notes here and there nullified by technical side and ravishing Dulquer. 2nd haf goes entirely different from 1st haf with contrasting set up and characters.Entertaining first half & serious second half. Dulquer is at his usual best and is very convincing as a comrade in search of his love.His body language and nuances are perfect. Heroine is okay in her brief role, Soubin and Dileesh entertains.Siddique is superb and the rest are fine. Technical side is as rich as all Amal Neerad flick with stunning visuals from Ranadive and impressive music from Gopi Sundar. The film ends on a good note which nullifies few weak notes in the screenplay in 2nd half.. Overall a Decent flick


Intermission #CIA first half engaging #DQ super intro #GopiSundar bgm mass #ComradeInAmerica @dulQuer_updates siddique soubhin comedy. Second half above average #CIA sentimence scenes. good performance #DQ Amal Neerad tryin' something new. #CIA well cooked youth entertainer #ComradeInAmerica fans will love #DQ's screen presence Big Ups Amal Neerad @dulQuerFanz

Tom Babu‏

CiA: Comrade in America, decent first half and interesting premise which can go very wrong in second half...Comrade in America is a decent watch. Interesting premise but difficult to execute well due to obvious constraints.


#ComradeInAmerica. A well made thriller with romance & emotions ! Making level "Amal" fab :) a deff one by Amal " Gopi" Bgm wah pakka!

Shabeer Ap‏

@dulQuer #cia my review nice movie dq performance spr sidheek ikka pwolichu
My rating 3.5/5

Soorya Sankar

@dulQuer #ComradeInAmerica is just an awesome movie..
Loved your performance !
#charged # comrade #ajimathew #shibinfrancis #amalneerad

Akshay Nalendran‏

#CIA: From the words of my friend, sounds like the typical #AmalNeerad film that promises some 'MOMENTS' which is feel good!DQ's introduction as Aji Mathew is just 'FIRE'. Second half carries him off to America. No disappointment throughout!

Sahal dQ‏ 

Siddique & @dulQuer combination scene is speechless Go and feel amal ettans magic #CIA


#CIA #ComradeInAmerica
Good 1st half
2nd half- Not an everyone cup of tea( offcours my Tea)
A Technically solid Romantic entertainer!!!

Malayalam box office‏

#CIA first half average. Comedy,romantic,mass @dulQuer and intro is stylish. A bit predictable, #dulquer is on his journey. 2nd half lessengaging but still watchable Writing is poor but technical side is superb music&bgm. Has ups&downs but watchable. @ dulQuer was superb, really liked his performance but Amals writing was a letdown Technically brilliant Action scenes, but still.

Martin N Joseph‏

#CIA - Good 1st half in the backdrop of a Kottayam native Communist. Interesting so far with many funny moments. Charming role from @dulQuer. Important plus is the terrific BGM by Gopi Sundar. #KannilKannil song is stunning with rich visuals. Renadive have done a great job. Technically rich and performance wise great one. Script could have been better. Good casting & entertainment element works well. 3/5


Wow!! Terrific first half..!! Every one does well.. Class+mass+romance+friendship+comedy=.#ComradeInAmerica Hatsoff to the makers! Amal ettan Does well and Siddique ikka n dulquer were terrific. Soubin and Dileesh ettan uhff No words to say Kidu. Some Shorts are outsatanding Briiliance of amal ettan Exnt cinemotography✌ Go n watch #CiA in theatres sum surprises are waiting for u✌ Omg !!! Cant express my feelings!! Donno whether it is molywood cinema or not Take bow to the makers!! Kidu movie Secnd half is entirely diffrnt than first half Cinemotogrphy is vere level✌ Over all #cia is gud cinematic experience! Dnt miss in theatres

VK Gakam

Above avg 1st half reports Goosebumps moments Electrifying atmoaphere in theater #ComradeInAmerica


#ComradeInAmerica !! Terrific BGM , sooper cool acting by dulQuer , cinematography There in no lag till 1st Half

Anand Sankar P S

Interval time ! Good first half ! Eagerly waiting for second half #CiA #DQ


#CIA first half excellent. Comedy,romantic,mass @dulQuer and intro is stylish. #dulquer is on his journey wtng for 2nd hf

Allan J‏

A good first half with superb performances from Dulquar,Soubin and Siddique. One time watchable movie with lots of humour bits here and there.Sure to make the cash registers ringing.#CIA #ComradeInAmerica


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