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MOVIE: Commando 2

CAST: Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Freddy Daruwala, Shefali Shah among others.

DIRECTOR: Deven Bhojani

GENRE: Bollywood action thriller

Most of Bollywood sequels have failed to maintain the expected standard that the original movies had, and Commando 2 is no exception. Starring Vidyut Jammwal, Bollywood movie Commando 2 has a decent dose of action but the storyline is rather disappointing.


The Home Minister of India, Abhaya Sharma (Shefali Shah), launches a covert mission to nab Vicky Chadda, a high-level black money launderer, and for this she appoints a four-member team. On the other side, Karan (Vidyut Jammwal), an ex-commando and present member of a special investigation cell, is given the task to track Vicky's movements.

Vidyut, who does not follow the rule book, somehow manages to get into the four-member team, replacing one that was actually designated by the home minister. The team includes an order-abiding police officer Bakhtawar (Freddy Daruwala), a corrupt brand-obsessed woman officer Bhavna (Adah Sharma), hacker Zafar and Karan.

While the plan was just to go to Malaysia and bring back the already arrested Vicky safely to India, the four officers come across a lot of confusion and twist that made the job difficult. While the other three officers want to move ahead as per the plan, Karan has a different idea in his mind. Eventually, things turn to be much more complicated than it appeared. Whether Karan and his team be able to complete the mission of bringing back the black money to India or they succumb to the evil powers, makes the central point of the story.


The plot of Commando 2 does not require much of acting skills as it is more about high-flying action sequences. Vidyut has enough space in the movie to flaunt his well-built physique and of course his action stunts. He certainly does not disappoint with his martial arts expertise. Adah, who portrayed the character of a South Indian, tries hard to create humour with her broken Hindi and English but fails miserably. For a change, she has some action sequences as well that she did more or less good enough. Shefali is a brilliant actress but sadly even she does not have much to do in the movie except giving orders over phone. Freddy's expressions will remind of his performance in Akshay Kumar's Holiday, as he mostly bears the same stern face all through the film. Esha Gupta, plays an important role in the movie and does justice to her character.


As expected, Commando 2 has ample number of action sequences and that is the USP of the movie. Vidyut shows a number of stunts that are quite rare in Bollywood. His last move to knock down the toughest fighter in the antagonist's side will surely make you convinced that Vidyut is one of the best action heroes in India. Also, the director tried a new thing by showing a particular action sequence in a way that makes the action look more real. Thankfully, there are no songs in the movie. For a change, fans of Vidyut might be happy to see the actor having a couple of lip-lock scenes in the film.


The plot of Commando 2 is too messed up. The writer included too many twists and turns that make the storyline lose focus. The director drags the story to a point where the audience almost loses the urge to watch the pretty predictable climax. Also, the background score "commando" that is played during every action sequence is very annoying and backdated.


After Commando, expectations with Commando 2 were much higher but the latter seemed to be quite over the top and dragged. Apart from Vidyut's impressive action stunts, Commando 2 does not have much to offer.