AIB's Mocks Yashraj Films
AIB's Mocks Yashraj FilmsYouTube Screenshot

An online platform, AIB has targeted Bollywood biggie Yashraj films for their intolerant approach to humour by creating a hilarious music video.

The group of funnymen headed by comedians Tanmay Bhatt and Gurishman Khamba has made a series of videos in the past and the brand new one takes digs at Yashraj films for failing to take their videos in good humour.

The studio reportedly denied the group permission to spoof their upcoming film "Dhoom 3"s trailer.

As per the video makers, the trend of spoof videos is big when it comes to Hollywood, but the Indian film industry has a shoddy approach, despite most of the Hindi movies being a rip off of its international counterparts.

The hilarious parody begins with the message that reads: "The internet is littered with movie trailer parodies and mashups...BUT not in India, because here studios get grumpy and take these parodies down."

The video proceeds to inform that the group had attempted to create a parody of the "Dhoom 3" trailer and made several requests to the studio for their permission. But their repeated requests were served with a firm and final message "drop the idea completely... never bring it up again."

Along with Bhatt and Khamba, Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi tag along to bring out a video, which begins with the idea of 'Old wine served new.' The five minute video is very entertaining with the funnymen presenting themselves as harmless clowns whose funny escapade has been cut short with Yashraj's stringent rejection.

Littered with funny liners, like "Dhoom gave me tumour...Fast and Furious wannabe..." the video also takes a dig at the studio's biggest flops and the 'Dhoom 3' cast. At one point the comedians enact a mock drill to compare Yashraj with the autocratic Hitler as they call out in German accent "Heil Heil Heil".

AIB's video released on 18 December has received impressive hits with views close to 50,000 in just 24 hours.

Watch the hilarious spoof by the group: