Narendra Modi
Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi wears an Indian traditional turban as he sits on the first day of his fast at a convention centre in Ahmedabad Sept. 17, 2011.Reuters

The Congress unit in Gujarat landed into fresh controversy after using a picture of a farmer from the neighbouring state of Rajasthan in their latest ad campaign on electricity problems in the state.

A few days back, they had used the photo of a Sri Lankan infant in their ad campaign on malnutrition in Gujarat.

Under its "Join hands for change" campaign, Congress released a series of advertisements that appeared in various websites, newspapers and televisions channels across the country.

The recent ad features the photo of a farmer  to underscore the issue of electricity problem in Gujarat with a message that read "Ten lakh farmers of the state are awaiting electricity connections."

BJP, targeting the main Opposition party, has said that the pictures used in their advertisements are from other states and countries.

"This proves that the Congress campaign is based on falsehood. When the state is progressing at a very rapid rate, the Congress is trying to defame Gujarat by showing photos of other states and other countries," PTI quoted BJP spokesperson Jagdish Bhavsar saying.

However, Congress said that the pictures are "symbolic" but the facts given in the ads are real and cannot be disputed.

"The photos used in these advertisements are symbolic. But the facts given on electricity connections, malnutrition, pasture land given to industry and malnutrition among women are real. Can BJP dispute those facts," State Congress president Arjun Modhwadia asked, according to PTI.

Congress also said that the ad campaign was outsourced to an advertising agency which has taken the images from Google.

"It seems that a lot of the images used by them are taken from Google, but photos are symbolic and facts in those advertisements are true," a Congress source said, according to PTI.