Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan with Gaurav Gera at Comedy Nights with KapilVarinder Chawla

Kapil Sharma's "Comedy Nights with Kapil" seems to have found a new Guthi in actor Gaurav Gera.

Gera, who is well known for his role in the serial "Mrs Pammi Pyarelal" might be the next Guthi in the show after Sunil Grover's exit.

In "CNWK"s upcoming episode, Gera is seen dressed as a woman, which bears a striking resemblance to Guthi. He is also pictured dancing with celebrity guest Saif Ali Khan.

The show's makers had recently announced that they were in the process of looking for an actor to emulate Guthi, after Sunil Grover made quite a sensational exit from the show.

Grover, who had essayed the role of a funny Punjabi girl "Guthi' in "CNWK" left the show in its peak, which led to major chaos. Grover's exit is also said to have affected the popularity of the show. While numerous reasons were cited for Grover's exit, the actor recently clarified that he had decided to bid farewell to the show as he wasn't given due credit for his efforts.

In the recent episode, Kapil portrayed the role of a woman, but the usually hilarious actor's performance seemed quite drab and unconvincing, when compared to Grover's.  

In such a situation, it only seems obvious that the makers of the show would either bring in a new actor as 'Guthi' or introduce a new character to hold on to audience's attention. Whether Gera is the new Guthi or a new character would be known in CNWK's 1 December episode.