Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah
Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera ShahTwitter

Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah are a popular TV celebrity couple, and like any other happily married couple, they also apparently share a great sex life. Although not many Indian celebrity couples prefer to share their bedroom secrets, Kashmera recently revealed a lot about her personal moments with husband and "Comedy Nights Bachao" host Krushna.

In an extremely candid interview with, Krushna's wife revealed a lot of things, from her favourite position to their most preferred area for making out.

Kashmera was asked about her favourite sex position and the diva said "doggy style." Krushna's wife also said the couple prefer the living room to make out, apart from bedroom. She added with a wink: "Lights are off and we are on." She also said it is she who makes the first move and not Krushna.

In an earlier interview, Kashmera had revealed that their relationship had started with a "one-night stand." "Before we landed on the sets of a film we were to do together, I didn't even know him. I knew I was to work with Govinda's nephew in the film, that's all. It was a one-night stand for both of us," Kashmera had told Cine Blitz.

Even Krushna, who also hosts "Comedy Nights Live," had revealed much in the interview to Cine Blitz, saying: "Actually this is how it happens with everyone. It is just that they do not admit. But after that night, she got a lot more caring towards me, bringing me khaana (food) and all.

"Actually, Kash (Kashmera) was giving me hints from the beginning itself. There was this one instance when we were seated in the van and the lights went off and I said 'Ab kya kare (What to do now)?' Now, that is something anyone would have said in that circumstance, and very suggestively our lady here says, 'Kyun, kuch kare (Why, should we do something)?" he added.