As Comedy Central prepares for Jon Stewart's exit from "The Daily Show", the network will also see the end of comedy sketch series "Key and Peele" with season 5. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the funny duo who perform comedy sketches will do their last eight episodes. Jordan Peele took to Twitter and said, "Don't miss the last 8 episodes!"

In an interview with The Wrap, Keegan-Michael Key said, "It was just time for us to explore other things, together and apart. I compare it to Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. We might make a movie and then do our own thing for three years and then come back and do another movie."

Although there isn't news of a rift between the two, it is evident that the duo wants to go their separate ways.

Recently, Key was nominated for an Emmy in the supporting actor category while Peel wasn't.

In the interview, Key further emphasized that the decision to call it a day was their own and there was no pressure from Comedy Central.

"Key and Peele" co-stars have made several guest appearances in prominent TV shows like "Fargo", Emmy Award winning "Parks and Recreations" and more. Recently, Key was appointed as President Obama's Anger translator, Luther, at the White house Correspondents Dinner. As President Obama appeared polite and reserved, his translator Luther broke down the codes of formality.

As "Key and Peele" inches closer to its end, Key told The Wrap that there will be many "Key and Peele" productions in the offing.