AIB, Rohan Joshi
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Comedian Rohan Joshi has gone offline after being at the receiving end of abuses and threats, but the trolling has not stopped.

Earlier this week, Joshi, co-founder of the now defunct comedy group AIB, revealed that he has deactivated his Twitter account.

In an Instagram post, he wrote: "Going offline for a few days. Number and address have been leaked, so the last few days have been a circus of abuse, threats, 2 am phone calls and anxious spirals. See you on the other side whenever I guess. I'm sorry if I offended anyone's sentiments with my words and I apologise without any qualifications and reservations for any words I have spoken that have hurt someone's religious sentiments. Please leave my family alone."

The abuses and threats started coming his way when netizens dug up old tweets in which he allegedly made insulting comments about politicians and Hindu deities.

Despite Rohan Joshi going offline, the trolling and cyberbullying on Twitter has not stopped.

"Content can be more funny without including religion and other sensitive topics. Peace," wrote one.

Another user shared: "#AgrimaJoshua #AadarMalik #rohanJoshi kind of people are doing this drama because they want to show to the world that "see we are suffocated here, in this so called democracy. It's actually a fascist regime where we don't have freedom of speech". It's their usual victim card."

Rohan Joshi
Rohan JoshiInstagram

"Be it #VirDas, #RohanJoshi or #AgrimaJoshua, all of them have victimised someone or the other in their so-called comedy shows. And now, they're whining of being one. This is what hypocrisy is," pointed one user.

One wrote: "Somebody plz tell #rohanjoshi that use of "F**k, BC, MC" after each line is not a comedy... Joking on Gods, below the belt words is not a comedy...Comedy is the one who makes people laugh without hurting anyone's sentiments."

There were some who defended him.

"No one deserves to live (or die) in a constant state of fear and stress. People in this country only value other people after they actually do something huge like Suicide. Specially artists," wrote one user.