Telugu comedian Ali has finally apologised for making sexist comments against actress Anushka Shetty made during the audio release function of "Size Zero" in Hyderabad on 1 November.

While talking to anchor Suma, actor Ali had made an objectionable remark about Anushka Shetty's thighs. "Anushka looks like a hot Jalebi who everybody likes to eat." The New Indian Express quoted the comedian as saying at the music release of "Size Zero".

"Sometime back you had asked the other girl (Sonal Chauhan) to slap her thighs. However, she has no thighs. Anushka has really remarkable thighs. Ever since I saw her in Billa (where Anushka appeared in a bikini), I became her fan," Ali had added.

But his comment supposedly made in a lighter vein did not go well with many inside and outside the film industry. Some people had condemned his patriarchal attitude. Responding to his critics, Ali has now offered to apologise for his comments. "Though I took it as part of entertainment, I heard that it hurt some people. I am sorry for it," he told Deccan Chronicle.

Meanwhile, he also warned the media houses that he would take legal action for misinterpreting his comments. "I am planning to go legally against some websites who are writing wrong things about me. If there is anything they want to know, they can ask me," Ali said.

In a video released on YouTube on 29 July, Annapurna Sunkara had expressed her views on Telugu films, including the showcasing of a woman character in "Baahubali". She had also condemned Ali's sexist comments about Samantha at an audio launch function. Now, Ali says that he is planning to initiate legal action against Annapurna.

"She is not only talking bad about me, but against the whole film industry. It is in very bad taste, so I am proceeding legally. It is not right talking bad about me and our industry, from a foreign location. She should come here and prove everything or face legal action," Ali told DC. 

Here is the controversial video titled, "Telugu films should change - Annapurna | Annapurna sunkara Message to Telugu Film Industry".