Suchitra Pratap
Suchitra Pratap

A 61-year-old Indian woman has woken up from a coma after she was hurt in a freak accident in Dubai three months back.

A retired English professor, Suchitra Pratap, had gone to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to meet her son Navdeep at Discovery Gardens. The incident took place on February 6, when she was on an evening stroll and got into an accident after a child playing football ran into her. Suchitra fell down and sustained deep injuries on her head.

According to eyewitnesses, Suchitra fell backwards and injured her head, which caused internal bleeding. The building security and neighbours called an ambulance and she was rushed to a nearby hospital where the neurosurgeon conducted a brain surgery and removed a flap from her skull to ease swelling, reports Gulf News.

Suchitra was rushed to Al Zahra Hospital at Al Barsha, where the surgeons discovered that she had internal haemorrhage which was causing pressure in her skull. She was quickly operated and was put onto a ventilator after which she went into a coma.

According to reports, nearly two weeks after the treatment, minor developments were seen in Suchitra as she started to respond to light and sound. But she was still in a comatose state.

The hospital bill had already reached 300,000 Dirhams and was becoming too much for Navdeep to bear. He was considering transferring Suchitra to a hospital in Hyderabad via air ambulance when the community members raised funds for her treatment which helped the family.

With the help of the Indian embassy and with the funds collected, Suchitra was flown in an air ambulance to KIMS Hospital in Hyderabad on February 28.

"The hospital staff at KIMS, Hyderabad, kept my mother under observation for a week and realising there was not much they could do for her, advised us to move her to a physical rehabilitation facility. The family chose Suvitas Rehabilitation Centre where she has been receiving various therapies for recovery," said Navdeep.