A television anchor in Colombia was lucky to have come out without any major injuries after a part of the studio set came crashing down on him during a live show. A video of the incident has been shared widely on the internet since.

Colombia Anchor

Carlos Orduz, of ESPN Colombia, was a part of panellists during a show when a huge monitor-like structure from the set fell on him, crushing him face-first into the desk. The incident was recorded on camera, showing Mr Orduz hunched upon the desk after the structure fell on him.

The camera quickly cut out of the shot and the host of the show, looking shocked, called for a commercial.

ESPN Colombia said Orduz was treated immediately by medical personnel. Orduz tweeted on Wednesday that he was only bruised and took "a blow to the nose (no fracture)," according to a translation of the tweet, USA Today reported.

Watch the video here