Six months after undergoing a surgery for kidney stones, a professional photographer learnt that he had an eight-inch wire in his stomach.

Radhe Shyam, a resident of New Delhi, returned to government-run Lok Nayak Hospital last week complaining of severe stomach ache. He had been suffering from such acute stomach ache since last September. At the hospital, he was informed that there was a wire in his gut.

He has been carrying this wire for the last six months and will have to carry it for another few days as doctors have asked him to come back for a surgery on 28 April.

Shyam first felt the pain just days after his operation, which took place on 29 September. But he ignored thinking it must be from surgery. He consulted with experts at the hospital, when the pain increased, on 25 March.

"I was operated for kidney stone at Lok Nayak hospital on September 29 last year and discharged in a week, but a slight stomach pain remained that I ignored thinking it was normal after surgery," said Shyam, Hindustan Times reports.

"I was immediately referred to the surgery emergency where they did an ultrasound, gave some pain killers and sent me home," he added. It was only during his third visit that it was found that there was a wire in his stomach.

"This time, they took an X-ray and found a wire but the doctors were very casual about it. I have now been given a surgery date of April 28 to take out the wire," Shyam added.

Medical Superintendent of Lok Nayak Hospital Dr Siddharth Ramji said he cannot comment on the matter because he has no knowledge of the incident as the patient has not come to him with any such complaint. He said he can speak only "after consulting the doctor concerned".