Colombia landslide
A scene of destruction in Colombia after the landslide.Twitter/Sergio Fajardo ‏

A massive landslide killed at least 61 people in Colombia on Monday, and officials said a town in the country's northwest was "wiped off the map" in the disaster. 

The landslide struck the Salgar region in northwest Colombia a little before dawn on Monday, leaving dozens of people buried under mud and rocks. 

The residents were sleeping in their homes when the disaster struck, and Salgar's mayor said the town of Santa Margarita was almost "wiped off the map", according to AFP. 

The landslide caused by heavy rains "tore down everything in its path", Salgar Mayor Olga Osorio reportedly told RCN Radio.

The images clearly showed the destruction, as the mud and water pulled houses and trees with them. 

As many as 37 people were injured, while several remain missing.