A video has been released showing the moment a Colombian military helicopter exploded after landing in a minefield, killing four of the soldiers on board.

The footage, obtained by Colombian news station Noticias RCN, shows the 22 June incident when a Colombian UH-60L Black Hawk army chopper landed in a rural area in the municipality of Teorama in the countrys northern Norte de Santander province.

The helicopter can be seen making a safe landing, but as soon as the soldiers begin to disembark a huge explosion tears the military vehicle to pieces.

Out of the 15 soldiers on board the chopper four were killed, with another six injured. Colombias army has blamed guerrilla rebel group Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) for laying the minefield.

In May, Farc suspended a unilateral ceasefire after a military airstrike and land attack killed 26 of its members. The ceasefire had been in place since December 2014.