The 'where is Rahul Gandhi' question is back in response to the Congress party questioning PM Narendra Modi's visit to the US. While the latter is busy attending UN sessions, pitching for a permanent UNSC seat, meeting business honchos and encourage investment in India, pushing the start-up agenda; the former is conspicuous by absence. Rahul Gandhi has done it before, he disappeared during the 2015 budget session when he went to Bangkok 'to introspect'!

Like always, his party is brazenly pointing fingers at the PM saying that his visits are making the exchequer cost Rs 200 crore and why is he travelling abroad so much? But they are not answering where the Gandhi scion is. Also, it seems they have forgotten former President of the country, a Congress appointee, Pratibha Patil's humongous and unreported travels all over the world!

The prime minister of any country cannot plan a visit to the United Nations whenever he wants or when he wants to take a walk in the front lawns of the UN office.

Well, how stupid they think people of the country are? Actually, they know only two things – (a) criticise the party in power even for doing seemingly good job (b) protect the Gandhi family no matter what they do.

The Congress party needs to introspect, this has been written by many over the last few years to no avail, and look for options beyond the Gandhi family. They have many educated and experienced politicians who can run the country or lead the party.

The time has come for a radical change in the way political outfits function.

  • Why can't we have political parties praise each other for good policies?
  • Why is it important to paint the other candidate black even if your own is blacker?
  • Why is that parties indulge in personal attacks overseeing the nation's interest or image abroad?
  • Why is it important to stall good policies and later clear them when they themselves come to power?
  • Why do we still have monarchy in political parties?

There are many more whys and zero answer by the politicos. The answer to the above may be because corruption and malfeasance and selfish interests rule the roost since Independence.

This tug of war is not only between the BJP and the Congress but all the regional and national parties. AAP, entered the political scenario with a promise of change, now believes only in attacking others, while their own political appointees are on the run.

Disappointing to say the least!

[Anupam Rao is an independent journalist who has worked with various TV news channels in India. This blog reflects her personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of IBTimes India.]