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A girl walking home in the freezing cold in Oymyakon, Siberia.  Reuters

Imagine going to work on a cold day. Not a problem until you are in this little town in Siberia which has another definition for a "cold day".

The world's coldest village, Oymyakon in Siberia, has broken the local digital thermometer after the temperatures recorded a low -620 degree Celcius on Sunday.

The thermometer that was installed in the village broke eventually as it was too cold for the device to function properly.

siberian town

The city recorded -67.70 C in 1933, which is said to be the lowest-ever temperature recorded in the Northern Hemisphere.

As per reports on Daily Mail, the official weather reported in Oymyakon only registered -590 C. However, locals believe the readings went as low as -670 C.

The coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on Earth was in Antartica when the temperature dropped as low as -890 C in the Soviet Vostok Station on July 21, 1983, by ground measurements.

However, there are no permanent inhabited settlements in Antarctica.

The settlement in this Siberian village has a population of 500 people as they endure average temperatures of minus 500 C in the month of January. 

siberia cold town
The children are seen going outside in Oymyakon when it is not freezing cold.Reuters

Apart from the biting cold weather that freezes everything around the city, there are other day-to-day problems that the local residents have to deal with.

Batteries losing power and the ink inside pens freezing are some of the problems the residents have to overcome every day.

The temperatures are so low that the locals even leave their cars running all day as the vehicles might not start again once switched off.

The record-breaking temperature in this remote Siberian outpost has even made one local woman's eyelashes freeze into icicles, as per reports.

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