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Looks like Microsoft's Xbox One is all set to draw away its buyers before it hits the shelves as more and more reveals surface online. While the console developers are still answering the game's resolution queries, another reveal by a user notes that one of the much popular franchise games Call of Duty: Ghosts would not run without the Xbox Live connection.

The user is none other than the recently famous Twitter user Moonlight Swami, the one who got the console before the actual launch due to some distribution line-up glitch. He revealed some essential Xbox One dashboard and download details through a series of Twitter feeds, after which his console was temporarily banned. The reveals can be seen here.

He also claims one cannot play Call of Duty: Ghosts without an online connection to the Xbox Live network.

It is understood that the Xbox One day one update would remove the DRM restrictions from the console. The user (Moonlight Swami) installed the day one patch, as reported by Product Reviews, but tweeted that he was still not able to play CoD: Ghosts as the game requires an online connection.

"Just a quick update, with my temporary console ban in place, I CANNOT play Ghosts offline. It requires online, and the ban prevents Live," stated one of his tweets. "Just to make a point, it was announced months ago an internet connection was required. Can't really do anything with the ban, not sure," stated the other.

In addition to this, two images have surfaced online which further strengthens the news. One picture - a PS4 rear disk cover of the game - states clearly that the offline mode is enabled, however, the same is missing in the second image that shows the Xbox One's rear disk cover of the game.

The images can be viewed here.

Neither Microsoft nor the game developer Infinity Ward has disclosed any information on this as of yet. Also, this CoD ban is also speculated to be specifically linked to just one user's console.

However, if this tuns out to be the case for all the consoles, it would definitely become a new addition to the negatives of the Xbox One console.