Coconut oil
A Filipino worker labels a bottle of Virgin Coconut oil at a plantation in Quezon province, south of Manila in this picture taken August 11, 2004.Reuters

The much-hated coconut oil is actually a boon when it comes to taking care of your body. Though the fatty acids present in coconut oil is a cause of concern as it raises bad cholesterol or LDL, you shouldn't eat much of it. But you can use coconut oil for beautifying yourself. Using products which have a lot of chemicals is not good for our skin and on top of that, they are extremely pricey. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is natural and pocket-friendly.

Coconut oil is amazingly nourishing. It heals and safeguards your body naturally without any side-effects. Here are a few ways through you can enhance your beauty, keep your body protected from getting chapped and dried and also save some bucks.

Out of shaving cream?

In case you run out of shaving cream and are in a hurry to get rid of the unwanted hair, all you need to do is take some coconut oil and massage the area you want to shave. Simply glide the razor and find a smoother and moisturised skin.

Need a natural scrub which doesn't be harsh on your skin

Just take equal portions of coconut oil and sugar or sea salt, mix them and gently apply the mixture on your skin and scrub it. Once you will be done cleansing your skin, you will find it softer because of the oil massage you gave to your skin.

Throw your make up remover away!

Using a makeup remover is such a waste of time along with money, try coconut oil instead. Just dab a cotton ball or a piece of cloth in some coconut oil, simply wipe your face and see the cosmetic present on your face disappear in no time. Especially that stubborn mascara and eye make up!

Say 'no' to hand creams

Hand creams are used by many people for keeping their hands nourished and soft. Instead of using these creams, you can just use a few drops of coconut oil and massage your palms well. You will find for yourself that compared to the hand creams you have been wasting your money on, coconut oil moisturizes better and stays for a longer duration.

Hair oil

This is the most common use of coconut oil apart from cooking. Forget buying costly hair oils, just massage your scalp with coconut oil a few hours or a night before you plan to shampoo your hair. You will feel that your hair is more conditioned, smoother and free from dryness and frizz. Compared to any other oil you buy from the market this will be more benefitting!

These are a few uses of coconut oil for you. You can also use it instead of your body moisturiser, lip balms and chapped heel creams, especially during winters and feel the difference yourself.