Coca Cola
Coca-Cola's unique ad campaign sings for unity among India and Pakistan Reuters

Just when India and Pakistan were set to take their deep-seated animosity to new heights in the wake of the recent prison deaths, soft drink giant Coca-Cola has come up with a unique online campaign aimed at promoting peace beyond the borders.

Coca-cola with its tagline "Open Happiness" has been associated with this long term strategy of 'happiness', and the new video advertisement aims to be an extension of it.

As part of the its recently released campaign 'Coca-Cola Small World Machines - Bringing India & Pakistan Together', the soft drink manufacturer has set up innovative vending machines in both countries. This initiative would gauge people's reactions when they get to see their neighbour's attempt at taking a coke from the machine.

The advertisement propagates in the video a special message that states, "A moment of Happiness has the power to bring the world close together."

The unique vending machines are camera fitted, enabling one consumer to see another in the neighbouring country as they attempt to take the drink. The machine with an aim at promoting unity shows the possibility of joining hands and exchanging messages between the machines installed in the capitals of each country.

Coca Cola released the video on Monday on Twitter stating, "Happiness is realizing what connects us is stronger than what divides us."

The advert evoked various reactions on social networking sites.

Some Twitter users were impressed:

Sahil Sanghavi tweeted, "New Coca-Cola ad on India n Pakistan , take a bow guys ! If there can be unity in diversity , y not unity in similarity!"

Priyanka Rao tweeted, "Awesome. Need more of these kind of ads. Great gesture to drive the message of peace which is beyond boundaries loved it!!!"

While others were cynical:

Furquan ‏tweeted, "The heights of commercialism but kind of amazing."

Nancy Huehnergarth tweeted, "Coca-Cola promotion in India & Pakistan disguises itself as a humanitarian effort. But they're just selling Coke."

Watch the video advertisement of Coca-Cola's new campaign below: