The deluge in Chennai over the past few days has not only brought water into the homes in the city, but also dangerous snakes such as the cobra. 

Chennai residents have been complaining of snakes slithering into their homes as water levels rose following days of heavy rains, and forest officials have been receiving at least 15 calls a day to capture the reptiles, The Times of India reported. 

The bronzeback tree snake and the rat snake have been the most common among the species to have slithered into Chennai homes as the city was submerged following heavy rains over the past week. However, there were also reports of the dangerous cobras being seen in water-logged areas. 

Some reports suggested that even the venomous viper snakes were seen near homes during the flood. 

Forest officials have reportedly rescued at least 105 snakes in the past few days, and fear that some reptiles may still be hiding inside homes and near apartments. 

"Wildlife teams have rescued almost all those snakes that have strayed into homes but a few could have escaped their eyes," wildlife headquarters range officer S Davidraj told TOI

Some residents even resorted to attacking the snakes with sticks, and at least one reptile was said to have been killed. 

Wildlife officials have advised people who see snakes in their homes to contact the headquarters at 044-22200335.