San Francisco based aviation start up, Cobalt, launched its first two models, Valkyrie X and Valkyrie CO50, on Friday.

The two single-engine aircraft are the fastest single-engine aircraft available, flying up to a speed of 260 knots, Cobalt claimed.

Cobalt added that the Valkyrie aircraft are designed to guarantee better safety than a lot of other private aircraft in production. The problem with smaller aircraft lies in the aerodynamic stall, which Cobalt says the Valkyrie has eliminated by means of installing a smaller wing near the nose called a canard, reported.

"We really want to make things happen and not just be dreamers," David Loury, the CEO and chief designer at Cobalt says. "We want to offer better designs that enhance your safety."

The five-passenger flights permit 378 kg, i.e. one pilot and four passengers including a child, as payload at most, with which it flies at the speed of 170 knots in its eco mode and 200 knots in power mode.

Named after the Norse God Odin's twelve handmaidens who decided about the fate of humans in battles, the aircraft have been inspired by fighter jets.

From inside the canopy of the plane, one can get a 320 degree view, says Cobalt.  The Valkyrie has the largest one-piece canopy in the world, Techcrunch reported.

The two aircrafts are available on order beginning 13 November and will be available in 2017. Where Valkyrie X starts at $595,000, Valkyrie CO50 starts at $699,000, with a $15,000 deposit.

The manufacturer seems to have gone all out while designing the luxurious aircraft, which boasts of premium leather interiors, hand-stitched by a former Hermes craftsman.