Vadivelu's Famous Scene from Friends
Vadivelu in Friends.Screen shot

Vadivelu's popular role of Contractor Nesamani from his 2001 film Friends is now trending with the hash tag - #Pray_for_Nesamani - for the third consecutive day on social media sites. Even as it is garnering the attention of the non-Tamils towards his famous act in the film, the comedian remained clueless about the latest developments and memes around him on Twitter.

Speaking to a website, Vadivelu said that he is not aware of the trend, but the role is a "God Gift" for him. "The movie was out in 2001. Much was said about it long back. To make a comedy scene from a film go viral after several years of its release is surprising. I don't want to add more. Since I am not acting in any film as of now, it would be appropriate for me to comment once I am back before the camera. Frankly I have not even seen those memes or videos that are going viral in social media," the actor is quoted as saying by News Today.

What is #Pray_for_Nesamani trend all about?
A Facebook page had posted a picture of a hammer and questioned, "What is the name of the tool in your country?" A fan of Tamil movies reacted to the post by recalling the famous scene from Friends where Vadivelu (Contractor Nesamani) gets injured after his assistant drops the tool from the above and leaving him with a head injury. Thus kick-starting the trend.

Soon the fans started reacting with hilarious messages praying for Nesamani to get well soon. People went to an extent to create fake health bulletins from hospital, reminding the regular responses of Apollo Hospital when former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa was hospitalised in 2016.

The pictures of politicians were pulled in my meme pages too double fun. The comments made by cricketer Harbhajan Singh, Chennai Super Kings and Nippon Paints only helped it to reach to the wider audience. Nonetheless, many did not realise that it a trend created by fans for fun, while seriously praying for his health to return to normalcy.